A wedding is like a leaf spinning in the wind. Nobody knows where it’s going or where it will end up, but in this moment. It’s beautiful. We capture, and preserve that moment.

What We Do


  • 3-5 minute hand crafted film featuring the most magical moments of the day. Great for facebook and sharing with friends

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  • 10 times more fun than a photo booth. We provide tons of confetti, silly string, and props. Then film the fun in slow motion. Great for parties and weddings alike.


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Meet The Team

  • Since a young age I've always had a passion for storytelling. I would come up with lavish stories just to put a smile on my parents face. Now I'm blessed to tell the story of our clients most memorable moments, and put a smile on their face. Difference is my stories weren't always real :)
  • I live by the two C's! 1. Creativity 2. Coffee
  • In the film industry "take 2" is a common term. The challenge of weddings is moments happen naturally without warning. I embrace this challenge with a big HUG!
  • After editing a wedding film, I truly feel like I know the couple. Like they are my friends and family. Wonder what would happen if i just show up on Thanksgiving :P


We are a talented and dedicated team of filmmakers with a passion for telling stories. With years of film production experience and diverse talents, we are able to deliver your most PRECIOUS moments with the same quality of a major HOLLYWOOD film.


We are often told, "You guys don't seem to have a style". That’s one of the best compliments we can receive. We believe the style of your film should match YOU. Not the other way around. So as a team we come up with creative ways to show the uniqueness of your day, and WHO YOU ARE.


Unlike a major motion picture the best moments of your wedding only happen once. There is no take two. We train relentlessly on positioning ourselves to capture those moments naturally and creatively.

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