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Venue Space and your Videographer

As any videographer can attest, when shooting a spectacular wedding for their bride and groom, this feat can pose difficult without an ample amount of space for tripods and movement within the venue.

Not having the ability to move around and a place to set up a stationary camera with a clear shot of everything that is going on, come editing time, many moments get missed entirely.  Your most cherished moments can end up fuzzy, shaky or even completely gone, due to no fault of the videographer themselves.

Having witnessed this very subject, I can say that many couples get understandably frustrated when they receive their completed packages and see their precious moments aren’t as clear as they would have liked. Space can play havoc on any videographer trying to capture all moments without missing anything important.

When considering hiring a videographer, always keep in mind the venue plus the amount of guests you have invited to your special day.  Make sure there are great spaces for everyone to move around, wide open areas to place a camera, as well as good lighting and acoustics.  This will guarantee your wedding day can be captured in all of its’ splendor!


Why Videographer

With technology being as advanced as it is, most believe a camera phone will suffice in capturing the lasting moments of your weddings; however, without the proper lenses, high tech cameras, editing software, and the know-how, these videos can look amateur and pull away from the beauty of your special day.

For many, their wedding will be the moments of starting a new life and fulfilling lifelong dreams.  Spinning Leaf Films, believes these moments are worth their weight in gold.

Our state of the art equipment and editing processes capture your special day as if you the celebrity on the stage.  You are the star!  This mind frame is important due to the level of professionalism and quality of our cinematography.

Imagine on your 1st, 5th, or 10 year anniversary, you will be able to watch your wedding unfold in front of your eyes as if it was yesterday, produced by the top production group in the industry.  We cherish your moments as if they were our own and give you the ability to cherish them for years to come.


Perfect Lighting

Did you know the lighting can make or break a film?  Too much light will wash out the surroundings and even the actors.

With too little light, there are harsh shadows or nothing is very clear.  These rules apply to your  your wedding videos.

When planning your decorations, also plan your lighting style.  Twinkling lights can make for an amazing backdrop; but, make sure there are some small lights around to add without pulling away from the romance.  Candles can add an ambiance like no other, make sure around the exterior there are some up lights which cast great shadows and bring out the best in your event.

If you want something a little more original, consider DJ party lights placed around your venue.  These can be movable, color changing, and some can even have stars or sayings reflecting at your walls to add that special little touch to your wedding day.  All of these and more can help your videographer place YOU in the best light possible.

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Themed Weddings

Themed wedding are becoming more and more the rage.  Many brides are following in their love of a movie, or holiday, or even a childhood story and making the imagery create the emotions and feel within their special day.

This coming trend can offer a new light into wedding videography as well.  Not only are you giving yourself an unforgettable day surrounded in your favorite theme but adding the videographer to capture this adds something bigger to your event.

The videographer can take your theme and expand upon your thoughts, emotions, and capture all this in a movie for you to have for the rest of your life.  Particularly, I love theme weddings.  Your guests walk into another world along with you and get to experience your day to the fullest of their imagination.

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Makeup and You

So you have hired a videographer to capture the beautiful moments of your wedding.  Have you told your makeup artists?

Yes, this something many don’t realize needs to be conveyed to their makeup and hair stylists.  To look your best, many makeup artists have a tips and tricks to make you look your most beautiful, no matter if on film or in photography.  Your makeup artist can help create a look for you that can be versatile and gorgeous while transferring to video in the best way.  Ask about HD powder or light reflective base to give your face a glow.  This and many other tricks can make you look your best in your wedding film.

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A new trend is hitting weddings!  It’s the SloMo camera for your reception.  The slomo camera takes the idea of a photobooth to the next level and give you moving images, creating a slow motion movie for you and your guests to share!

Why is SloMo a coming trend?  Everyone loves having a good time and laughing at their wedding, but just having pictures can be a bit tiresome.  SloMo gives you the same concept as a photobooth but in a slow moving form. What better way to give your wedding a new and trendy twist.


Decorations and Cinematography

So many brides are hiring videographers to come capture the moments of their special day.  Many, however, are unaware of how your decorations can help give your moments an even bigger feel.

When hiring a videographer, sit down with them and talk about the feel you want for your wedding day. Show the style and theme along with talking about lighting and venue space.  This gives your videographer great ideas on how to give you the best video for your most memorable day.

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Destination Weddings

Of all the people I have spoken to regarding destination weddings, the consensus always seems to be a “no”.  The idea of taking your moment away from your family and friends seems to turn many people off the idea of finding the perfect venue for them, no matter where in the world they select.

To many brides and grooms, the venue is key because it offers the exact emotion of what their idyllic day will hold.  Many destination weddings offer this due to the wide array of places couples can find.  Hiring a videographer to join in your day can give you the best of both worlds.

This can give the couple their perfect place, while still allowing family and friends to be a part in a never-ending way. Videography can capture the moments no matter what venue is chosen and share the memories for family and friends unable to attend.

Check out our Pinterest Destination Weddings board for Destination Wedding ideas and tips and tricks.  Give yourself an unforgettable day!