Got a question about Spinning Leaf or our services? Let us help with some quick answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

We film with at least two cinematographers. This is important to capture multiple angles during the ceremony and reception. As well as allow us to film both the bride and groom, even if they are in separate locations, during preparations.

We don’t charge by the hour, each package comes with full day coverage.

We have microphones on each camera, and also place lavaliere mics on the Groom and Officiate during the ceremony.

Our retainer fee is $1000 and the remaining amount is due two weeks prior to the event date.

Absolutely, contact us for details.

Not at all, we get along well with photographers and all other vendors you may have. We want your photos to come out amazing just as we work hard to ensure your film will.

We don’t erase anything and back up your footage on several hard drives.

Our cameras are typically the same size as your photographers. In fact, we are often asked to take pictures from guest that can’t tell the difference :)

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