Venue Space and your Videographer

As any videographer can attest, when shooting a spectacular wedding for their bride and groom, this feat can pose difficult without an ample amount of space for tripods and movement within the venue.

Not having the ability to move around and a place to set up a stationary camera with a clear shot of everything that is going on, come editing time, many moments get missed entirely.  Your most cherished moments can end up fuzzy, shaky or even completely gone, due to no fault of the videographer themselves.

Having witnessed this very subject, I can say that many couples get understandably frustrated when they receive their completed packages and see their precious moments aren’t as clear as they would have liked. Space can play havoc on any videographer trying to capture all moments without missing anything important.

When considering hiring a videographer, always keep in mind the venue plus the amount of guests you have invited to your special day.  Make sure there are great spaces for everyone to move around, wide open areas to place a camera, as well as good lighting and acoustics.  This will guarantee your wedding day can be captured in all of its’ splendor!

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